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Initial acupuncture $110
Allow 1-1.5 hours, for initial history taking and treatment
Follow up acupuncture $98
Allow 45 mins- 1 hour for updating history and treatment
Treatment packs $510
Bulk purchase of 6 treatments @ discounted rate of $85 each

*Available only for subsequent consults

Labour Induction


We get a lot of referrals for people seeking hoping to prepare or avoid medical inductions. 

The way we believe acupuncture may work to assist in labour induction is to accumulatively relax your body into achieving the best outcome for birth and then adding stimulating points as much as possible once your body is prepared to try and help.

Our minimum recommendation therefore for this treatment is 3x a week in the last week leading up to induction,  and if possible  weekly from 36 weeks prior to that. 

Sometimes acupuncture may stimulate labour on its own if the body is ready and sometimes it may just help the body be as open and receptive as it can be so that even if you do have labour induction we aim to assist with better quality of birth and with less tension in the uterus are more likely to achieve a VBAC or have a more straightforward labour with less likelihood of interventions.

$98 for the first 2 treatments with the third treatment in a 7 day period complimentary.

Total charge $196


Birth Preparation
We recommend weekly treatment for labour preparation from 36 weeks, and will increasingly add points that are considered to be helpful for preparing for and encouraging labour.

$120 first consult, $98 follow up consults

Facial rejuvenation
*not recommended for pregnant women

New consult $220

1.5 hrs includes constitutional diagnosis

Facial cleanser and treatment

Assessing lifestyle/areas needed for improvement


Follow up consult $180

Includes consult, facial cleanser and treatment


For cosmetic purposes we recommend weekly treatment for 12 weeks and then monthly follow up treatments.

Doula Support

 $1195 Doula package 

Package Includes

Complimentary, in-home obligation free consult to discuss your needs and questions around birth and hiring a Doula

2x 2 hour in home consultations prior to labour to discuss birth plans, preferences and concerns leading up to labour.

Doula presence from as early or late as you wish during your labour, from the first contractions or prior to leaving for hospital or birth and to one or two hours after the labour.

*$100 non-refundable admin fee is required to place your booking and reserve Doula service the remaining amount is due 10 days prior to due date.

**personal circumstances surrounding birth and outcomes (eg refunds for emergency caesarian or other medical issues where Doula is unable to attend birth) are reasonably considered


Thursday 2-8pm
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Five Dock
Monday 8am-7pm
Friday 8am-12pm
Saturday 8am-1pm
Bookings : 0401 456 839
67 Garfield St, Five Dock (full address given on booking)

Sydney CBD (fertility/pregnancy only)
Tuesday 12-7pm
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