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Acupuncture and Doula services Inner West


Care and support from conception to birth


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Your Practitioner:

Sage Andreasen (Bach Appl.Sc, TCM) has substantial experience using acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to support natural fertility, IVF cycles, pregnancy and birth, having worked at the Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinic in Sydney’s CBD working closely with Jane Lyttleton and a team of dedicated practitioners for over 10 years.

Sage has been studying to be a Doula with Childbirth International after receiving frequent invitations from clients to be present at their births. Sage attended her first birth at the age of 14 and has enjoyed giving birth to 2 children of her own. 

Natural Fertility & IVF support

In our fast paced modern world infertility is on the rise. 1 in 6 Australian couples are struggling to conceive. There are many factors that may be contributing to these figures, including the effects of stress and modern living.

Managing stresses and having good emotional wellbeing can really lay a foundation for all other treatments on your fertility journey


Pregnancy can be a time for joy and celebrating. For many the early days of the pregnancy can be fraught with fears and worries, tiredness while leading a busy working life, relentless nausea, and later hip and back pain. We are here to support you in any way to help make it as positive an experience as possible physically and mentally, by encouraging gentle blood flow and a relaxed mind and body


Most women work up until very close to your due date so as to maximise maternity leave and keep yourself busy. However to best prepare for the strength needed for a good, healthy, more enjoyable birth, you may need extra assistance to help restore your energy and physical and mental wellbeing for labour.